RETROFITTING A BMW 325 (1984-1992)

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Step Four: Remove the receiver drier and replace it with an R-134a compatible (XJ-7, XJ-9) receiver drier (see photo 2).

Step Five: Install R-134a high and low service port fittings will prevent R-12 from being reintroduced to the A/C system.

Step Six: Check all hoses and electrical connections. Evacuate and charge the system with R134a refrigerant.

NOTE: Each vehicle will vary as to the amount of refrigerant needed.

Step Seven: Affix a retrofit label to the vehicle. The EPA requires labeling all A/C systems, which have been retrofitted.
The entire service took 4 hours. It may take you a little longer. The entire procedure can be performed with simple hand tools. After the procedure the BMW 325 A/C system ran quieter and virtually vibration free. Within a few minutes the system cooled down to 40 degrees. Now that’s cool !

I.C.E sales can be reached at 800-845-0424 to purchase a complete A/C change over retrofit kit (see photo 3). All hardware and installation instructions are included. I.C.E.

ICE Inc., a company that has been manufacturing and servicing automotive air-conditioning systems for 36 years. Located in San Diego. ICE Inc., provides both informative data pertinent to the environmentally safe retrofitting of A/Cs as well as upgrade kits to all makes and models of automobiles.

NEW A/C RETROFIT KITS Convert your R-12 to R134a Environmental Upgrades Now Available.


  • 3275 Market St.
  • San Diego. CA. 92123
  • 800-845-0424


  • Retrofit Info Hotline
  • Environmental Upgrade
  • 619-338-0995

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